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UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies)

Uninteruptible Power Supplies

J L Focus Ltd are specialist providers, installers and commissioners of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for businesses. We work with Facilities Managers and other organisations to provide planned and reactive critical electricity protection and continuity on critical electrical loads.

We are also able to supply emergency UPS units to companies that unexpectedly find themselves vulnerable due to an unexpected breakdown of their existing UPS system.

Mitigating and eliminating the risk that a sudden loss of electricity to your business could cost in terms of revenue, data loss reduced productivity, and service to your clients is vital for any organisation.
Businesses large and small rely on software, internet connections and many other complexes and interconnected business-critical systems to keep them running smoothly. We design and provide efficient and reliable bespoke backup power systems, which save clients money and reduce their carbon footprint, secure continuity, delivered and installed by our team of Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, to ISO 9001 and 140001 standards.
We have a diverse range of UPS for your business that can be modular, rack-mounted, tower, extended runtime or high-efficiency ECO. In terms of output, we offer both single-phase and three-phase UPS. 

Single-Phase UPS

  • Operates small hardware such as air-conditioning units, desktop computers systems, rack-mounted servers, telecoms, network switches, CCTV, fire alarms or any device running from a standard three-pin UK plug.
  • A practical and cost-effective solution. Surge protection of the critical load by removing surges, spikes and transients in the utility supply and powering the load from a battery source during mains failure. Suitable for applications with low energy requirements such as homes, small businesses and satellite offices with small electronic equipment.

Three-Phase UPS

  •  The same principles apply as with single-phase UPS, however, with three-phase UPS systems there is increased resilience built into the UPS to support the critical load, advanced communication options and normally extended battery autonomy. 
  • Suitable for applications with high electricity requirements such as commercial and retail units, data centres, large offices, industrial facilities and medical or transport-affiliated services.

J L Focus install and service backup generators, and single and three-phase uninterrupted power supplies to the agriculture, manufacturing, holiday & residential parks, poultry farms, and commercial and industrial markets.