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LPG Storage Tanks

Under- and aboveground LPG tanks

Fully Compliant with Propane and Butane Storage Regulations

J L Focus can supply both above-ground and below-ground LPG storage tanks for a wide range of applications including central heating, cooking, leisure, commercial applications and more. All of our storage tanks meet all UK and EU fuel storage regulations. As approved distributors of CGH LPG products, we can supply LPG storage tanks in a range of sizes from 6.4m³ right up to 300m³ and are made of carbon steel

They meet the necessary safety requirements regarding the storage of propane, butane and a mixture of these gases. All of our LPG tanks are certified by a notified body for pressure devices subject to directive 2014/68/EU and are built according to EN 13445 or AD2000 standards.

Underground LPG Storage Tanks

Underground LPG storage tanks offer a discreet solution – the whole tank is buried underground leaving only the access cover visible. The is particularly ideal if you are short on outdoor space or for more aesthetic reasons.

  • Abrasive grit- blasted to grade Sa 2,5 according to EN-ISO 8501-1.
  • Polyurethane anticorrosion coating resistant to 10 kV puncture.
CGH Underground LPG Gas Tanks

Above Ground LPG Storage Tanks

These LPG storage tanks can be sited above ground for easier access and a cheaper, more efficient way of maintaining and servicing, providing sufficient space is available to meet Health & Safety requirements. The gas is then sent via LPG pipework to your property.

  • Abrasive grit- blasted to grade Sa 2,5 according to EN-ISO 8501-1.
  • Painted in C3M as standard
CGH Above Ground LPG Gas Tanks


All of our underground and above ground LPG storage tanks feature:

  • Directive PED/2014/65/EU
  • Norms: AD 2000 or EN 13445
  • Anticorrosive protection
  • Standard pressure: 15,6 bar
  • Standard working temp.: -20/+40 °C
  • Up to 300 m³
  • Tailor made tanks

Approved Distributors

JL Focus are approved UK distributors for CGH Belgium’s flexible pipework products



For more in-depth information, please click on the image to download our LPG Storage Tank datasheet:

Under and Aboveground LPG Storage Tanks