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The Great British Pub

The great British Pub is surely one of our finest national institutions and as a seasoned pub-goer, one such watering hole in Salt, Staffordshire, is a real cause for celebration.

Owned and run by the same family for the past 21 years, the quintessentially English country pub, serves up an array of mouth watering food to the tune of 2000 meals a week.

Passionate about the provenance of his food – which is locally sourced, lovingly cooked and suitably savoured by guests – our pub owner is proud of his traditional venue which has been hailed as Staffordshire’s Dining Pub of the Year as well as British Food Pub of the Year.

And in order to keep his ship afloat, his diners happy and his staff on top form, he needs an efficient fuel to fire up his kitchen cuisine.

LPG has served the pub since the current owners opened their doors more than 20 years ago, providing a responsive, versatile heat. 

The 1 tonne tank – situated out of sight at the end of the beer garden – is topped up regularly thanks to its ThinkTank telemetry which is the perfect solution as usage can vary.

The fuel also heats the 5 outdoor patio heaters which are in great demand at the start of the summer and at the end (and sometimes at its height!), extending the life and space of this beautiful country pub.

‘It’s fair to say that we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for LPG!’ he commented.

We’ll drink to that!

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