LPG Vessel and pipe work installation and maintenance

Liquid & Vapour Phase LPG for Grain Drying from the same tanks.

It is not very often that both liquid and vapour supplies are taken from the same tanks, but this installation was a little out of the ordinary.

This farm has two grain drying systems, one using liquid and the other using vapour.

From the base edge, a 32mm plastic vapour supply was laid, whilst a 1.25″ specialist liquid supply was laid alongside, using LPG-Flex pipe.


LPG-Flex is an easily installed, flexible, reinforced pipe with simple swaged end connections, designed specifically for use with liquid phase LPG. We now offer a complete design, supply and installation service for this product and our technical team are always interested in discussing how we can adapt our installations to suit your needs. Email: info@jlfocus.co.uk for more details or click the link for details on LPG-Flex JL-Focus-LPG-Flex-EN-20211004.pdf (jlfocus.co.uk)

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