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Pilot installation LPG-Flex for Biogas applications

Pilot installation FP-Flex for Biogas applications –
Digestion of agricultural waste in digestion tanks

In the French Picardie region, near the banks of the river Somme, CGH’s French distributor installed the first LPG-Flex composite pipe for Biogas applications.

The new Biogas plant is a 5 million Euro investment from a cooperative of several local farmers. Expected to be inaugurated by the end of April, it will turn organic waste into a renewable and environmentally friendly Biogas.

The new LPG-Flex pipe for biogas is used for the underground connections at the site. Biogas LPG-Flex pipe is a DN48 Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) with stainless steel end fittings. Its unique features are very well known: rapid installation, no underground connections, no internal nor external corrosion, high flexibility and extreme durability.

The Biogas made from 100% local feedstocks is injected into an existing high pressure gas line running about 200 m from the site; local production – local consumption.

FP-Flex for Biogas installation is manufactured by CGH Belgium and available in the UK from JL Focus (UK Distributors) Email: info@jlfocus.co.uk or click the link JL-Focus-FP-Flex-EN-20211004.pdf (jlfocus.co.uk)

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