LPG Vessel and pipe work installation and maintenance

Our Company

We are a company providing consultancy services, engineering solutions and training for LPG bulk usage in commercial, agricultural and domestic markets.

Our team has extensive LPG engineering experience which they can use to your advantage.

JL Focus is an engineering and consulting business based in the north of England but with engineers and customers all over the UK. We started life as Focus Consultants, but following the purchase of the business in 2021 by the Penair Technology Group we have significantly expended the business to include:

  • Design of appropriate storage vessels & siting and advice regarding the replacement of underground metal pipework.
  • Advise on replacing oil & diesel installations with LPG to save both carbon usage and reduce running costs.
  • New installations, including, trenching and reinstatement of pipework, excavation for underground storage vessels, supply & erection, welding, and meter boxes.
  • Servicing and maintenance of heating systems for poultry & gamebird brooders, as well as a growing number of one stop service offering for some of the key blue-chip farming groups around the country. Heaters perform better and more reliably when regularly serviced. 
  • Pipework Testing, underground pipework most be tested every 5 years with above ground internal pipework requiring certification every year.
  • Grain Drying, following the introduction of the CHG Belgium new LPG-Flex pipework, which is designed for the transport of liquid phase LPG
  • Bio LPG, we are also involved with the R&D development of piping requirements for the greener versions of LPG, which are coming onto the market soon. This is part of the businesses long term aims to continue to grow our offering to meet market needs.
  • LPG Generators, we are also designing, supplying, and installing LPG generators to take advantage of the running cost improvements and the reduction in carbon used that this technology brings to the market.

Our qualifications

Qualifications carried by our Engineering Staff

TPP1 – Testing & Purging of Pipework

CCLPIEP – Core Domestic Gas Safety Assessment Criteria – LPG – External Pipework and Gas Vessel Connections

EFJLP1 – Polyethylene Electro Jointing for Single & Multiple LPG Supplies

VESLP2 – Gas Storage Vessel Connections, Controls, and Safety Requirements. Sizing External Above Ground and Underground

VESLP1 – Gas Storage Vessel Connections, Controls, and Safety Requirements. Sizing External Above Ground and Underground

MET1 – Domestic Gas Meters

COCN1PILS – Non-domestic General Natural Gas & LPG Core

ICPN1 – Non-domestic Pipework and Fitting

IOSH – Train the Trainer LMS