LPG Vessel and pipe work installation and maintenance

LPG Underground Pipework Testing

Underground Pipework Testing

When liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is stored and used in installations compliant with relevant health and safety legislation and industry codes of practice, it is a safe fuel.

However, when it is not the results can be catastrophic. Therefore it is important to undertake regular surveys and testing of underground pipework to ensure it’s integrity.

LPG Pipework Testing

The UK LPG industry and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) strongly believe that underground pipework should be replaced with pipework made from materials such as polyethylene (plastic) which won’t corrode.

Replacing buried metallic pipework/fittings at commercial and industrial premises throughout the UK is a major undertaking and therefore needs to be prioritised based on the risk of pipeline failure and LPG entering a nearby building.

J L Focus Ltd can provide a total LPG solution:

  • Full and comprehensive site survey
  • Immediate on-site report
  • A remedial action plan identify all required works
  • Associated costs identified ensuring compliance is met in the most economic way
  • J L Focus Ltd can undertake all work identified in the survey
  • New installations & service pipework
  • New underground mains & services
  • Poultry house upgrades & new installations
  • Service main alterations and extensions
  • Annual inspection & Certification
Underground gas pipework
Underground gas pipework


HSE - Inspecting & maintaining or replacing buried metallic pipework carrying LPG vapour
HSE – Inspecting & maintaining or replacing buried metallic pipework carrying LPG vapour

Please feel free to download this Health and Safety Executive (HSE) document detailing the replacement, maintenance and inspection of buried/underground LPG pipework. This document also covers:

  • Who is responsible for ensuring LPG pipework is inspected and maintained or replaced?
  • Inspecting and maintaining or replacing LPG pipework
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Checklist
  • Further Information

(Click on the image to download the document)