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Futuria DME (rDME) Trials with Calor

Asphalt Production Plant

This week our team has been at Cemex Halkyn Quarry in North Wales with the engineers from Calor installing CHG Belgiums LPG-Flex pipework as part of the Futuria DME (rDME) project.

LPG-Flex (pipe) has been approved by Calor to use with rDME as part of the ongoing trials to introduce this low-carbon liquid gas to their commercial customers. The Cemex site in North Wales will be looking at using rDME to run their asphalt production plant.

De-fossilising the LPG Industry with rDME

rDME is a low-carbon liquid gas with the potential to play a significant role in de-fossilising the LPG industry. It is a simple solution that allows business and domestic customers to further reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a more sustainable future.

rDME is dimethyl ether produced from renewable and recycled carbon feedstock. It is a safe, cost-effective and clean-burning fuel. rDME is chemically similar to propane and butane, so it behaves in the same way as LPG. Just like LPG, rDME is easily and safely transported as a liquid in pressurised cylinders and tanks.

LPG-Flex is only available in the UK from JL Focus Ltd, the LPG Engineers. We are currently looking at a number of applications for this underground pipe for both rDME applications and traditional liquid phase LPG.

Contact: info@jlfocus.co.uk   –   Tel: 0345 340 5565

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