LPG Vessel and pipe work installation and maintenance

Congratulations to Josh Ralph on passing his Gas Safe Qualifications

Josh joined JL Focus in January 2021 with no prior experience of LPG or engineering but was tasked with being trained and mentored by David Blakemore for 6 months, after which he would be expected to successfully assessed for Gas Safe Registration. This was a significant challenge, and one which he undertook with commitment and enthusiasm.

Josh applied himself. Working on various sites he developed a wide skillset; pipefitting, underground fusion jointing, appliance maintenance, fault-finding and repair. Alongside the necessary technical skills, he developed the softer skills of customer relations that go to ensuring repeat business. He also learned that few installations are straightforward, and he developed the skills of adapting and modifying his approach and techniques, and that a request for help from David would help. Alongside his practical work, he applied himself to understanding the Codes of Practice and other legislation, being set test papers that required close poring of the Codes to come up with the correct answers.

In July 2022, after only six months of training, Josh attended a Training and Assessment Centre and successfully gained his certificates, enabling him to be enrolled on the Gas Safe Register. He will now continue to be mentored by David Blakemore whilst increasingly working unsupervised on more demanding projects.

Josh’s Outstanding Achievement was to gain Gas Safe Register certification in only six months, thus providing Focus Consultants with a qualified, safe, LPG engineer to contribute to the growth and profitability of the company. The company’s aim is for continued growth of their engineering base, and Josh will provide a good foundation from which to expand.

Josh views his future career in LPG as an opportunity to develop an engineering pathway in a changing industry, giving him and Focus Consultants a sound foundation for development.

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