LPG Vessel and pipe work installation and maintenance


It’s been over two years since we acquired Focus Consultants from David Blakemore and established JL Focus Ltd. In that time, we have more the doubled the company’s turnover and signed a number of maintenance agreements with some well-established national poultry businesses, looking after their heating and LPG servicing needs. We now feel the time […]

Futuria DME (rDME) Trials with Calor

Asphalt Production Plant This week our team has been at Cemex Halkyn Quarry in North Wales with the engineers from Calor installing CHG Belgiums LPG-Flex pipework as part of the Futuria DME (rDME) project. LPG-Flex (pipe) has been approved by Calor to use with rDME as part of the ongoing trials to introduce this low-carbon […]

LPG Energy: Supporting Growth in the Off Grid Leisure Industry

The LPG industry has long been a keen supporter of the leisure industry. Whether you run a holiday park, pub, restaurant, hotel, or spa, reliable, clean energy plays a vital role in supporting all-year round success for your business. Delivering hot showers, perfectly cooked food and bubbling jacuzzis, as well as fuel for heating and […]

Young Person in LPG 2022 Nominations

JL Focus’ recently qualified Gas Safe Engineer, Josh Ralph has been nominated for the Young Person in LPG in the Outstanding Achievement category, we wish him luck in the competition; winners will be announced at the Liquid Gas annual conference in Edinburgh this November. Young Person in LPG, which is run by Liquid Gas UK, […]

LPG: Fuelling our Farms

As one of the most energy-intensive sectors of the economy, farming businesses are always looking for more efficient practices to manage their increasing energy requirements without eroding their profit margins. Consequently, many are turning their attentions towards the most viable off-grid fuel sources to determine where savings can be made, both in pounds and energy […]

Going Green in the Countryside this Autumn

Our recent rural poll demonstrated that consumers living in rural areas of the UK are keen to adopt a greener lifestyle. Sustainability and being kinder to environment is something which is quite rightly high on the list of priorities for many people now. The good news is you don’t have to completely over-haul your whole […]

How LPG Nurtures British Salad and Ornamental Crops

Anyone seeing the dedication of UK growers in nurturing flower and salad crops for the recent Royal Horticultural Society Flower Shows will have glimpsed how complicated the process of optimising crops in and out of season can be. Whether it is for fruit, salad or flower crops, low carbon LPG is proving to be a […]

The Luxury Hotel on the Pathway to Net Zero

Kilworth House, a luxury country house hotel and outdoor theatre venue in Leicestershire, has been using LPG to provide heat for cooking and gas fires for the past 20 years. With a strong environmental policy, Kilworth House aims to run as efficiently as possible. Instead of using traditional carbon-heavy fuels like oil, it uses LPG […]

Net Zero, the Impact on Rural Homes and how Installers can help Bridge the Gap

We recently presented a webinar with the team at Installer Magazine as part of the Net Zero Festival. The event was specifically designed for installers and heating engineers wanting to know more about bioLPG to enable them to provide expert guidance, and the most suitable heating options to their clients. We talked about the level […]

Greener Whisky is on the way

I can think of nothing better than a glass of single malt after a day on the Scottish mountains…the peace and tranquillity…it’s as if time stands still. However, back in the commercial world, business operates on a different scale and time is of the essence. Ensuring maximum productivity is essential and this is of paramount […]