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UK LPG industry announces £260m investment in renewable liquid fuels

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Liquid Gas UK has reported a £260 million (€307 million) investment into the production of renewable liquid fuels.
Outlined in the Pathway to Net Zero: Delivering our 2040 Vision report, launched in Westminster by the trade body representing the LPG and renewable liquid gas industry, the equivalent of 40,000 homes now use renewable liquid fuels, equating to 20% of the current LPG domestic market.
While LPG remains the lowest carbon transitional fuel for the off-grid market, bioLPG and rDME are two renewable liquid gases that are propelling the UK’s liquid gas market to be 100% renewable by 2040.
“We’re delivering on the promises set out in our 2040 Vision,” said George Webb, CEO of Liquid Gas UK.
“The industry’s transition to renewable liquid gases is advancing at pace, with over £100 million (€118 million) invested in bioLPG alone.
“UK production of bioLPG is underway, with more capacity set to come on stream over the next decade. Adding to this, the new Dimeta plant in Teeside is set to produce 50,000 tonnes of rDME annually.”
Around 2 million rural homes and businesses rely on traditional for their energy needs. Analysis from Liquid Gas UK suggests these homes could save £7 billion (€8.2 million) between 2019 and 2050, if the UK adopts a mixed approach to decarbonising heating, that includes liquid gas, compared to electrification only.
“Renewable liquid gas production is a reality, and offers a real decarbonisation pathway for homes and businesses that are unsuitable for electrification. These rural energy users need a greater choice of low carbon energy, and a mix of options including as renewable liquid gases. We need government to fully integrate liquid renewable gases into future policy,” said Webb.

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